Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Workout: Toning on a Trampoline

I completed a half marathon about a month ago, and since it was my first race I was really focused on training the weeks leading up to it.  I was so worried about getting my miles in I avoided doing a lot of other classes/toning because I didn't want to risk being too sore to run, or injuring myself (a little silly, I know).  

Anyway.  Now that training is over I have more flexibility in my schedule.  I definitely don't want to lose any of my running-cardio-fitness level but I also don't need to clock in 20+ miles a week.  So, I've decided to focus some of my energy on toning up and building strength, and losing a bit of weight (if we're being completely honest).  So, the last two weeks I have made the effort to try out new workout classes (I am useless on my own at the gym) and am already so impressed with myself.

This week my new class for the week was a trampoline based group workout.  I was pretty nervous before taking this one, mostly because I had no idea what to expect, and also a little afraid I would be jiggling the entire time (not the case).  I also was worried that my ankles would hurt (old issues with my ankles), that it would be too hard, and that I would fall off the trampoline.  

But, it went great!  I mean I wasn't as smooth as this lady, but I definitely loved it.  It was a challenging workout, my legs were hurting within the first five minutes (which surprised me, you would think after all these miles my legs would be strong enough for a trampoline class) and the instructor worked in lots of abdominal work, pushups, and sqauts... so a full body workout in the hour!
We all had our own small trampolines and the instructor had a bangin' playlist and for each track she lead us through a number of different exercises.  For some songs it would be "cardio" work and we would have to do different jumps on the trampoline.  I struggled a little with the bouncing... that sounds silly, but there were moments when I was jumping too high or just a little out of control.  Other songs we treated as a circuit and she had us off the trampolines doing all sorts of toning work.  It was definitely tough, and I definitely felt it the next day - which I loved!

Moral of the story, if there are any trampoline group classes in your area - try it out!! In an hour(ish) you get the full package: cardio, weight work, and abdominal training.  Absolutely fantastic, especially if you are short on time.  It is definitely going to become a weekly must in my new regime!