Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Thoughts & Recap

Happy Monday all!

I feel exhausted for it being only Monday.  I worked on Saturday this weekend and, although I took it a little too easy the rest of the time, I definitely could of stayed in bed all day today.  Regardless, I still have high hopes for this coming week!  

Dr. Seuss you are so deep, on so many levels.  And always applicable, regardless of where you are in life. 

Before we climb our mountains, lets first talk about last week... It was only so-so.  I skipped out on one of my run days and my weekend run was not up to par, so I was left feeling a little discouraged on Sunday evening. (I normally aim for 4 run days, 2 yoga classes, and an additional cross fit/toning class). But the week went as follows:

Rest day from the weekend's 7 miler
Indoors - 3.25 Miles (treadmill weather) & 1 hour Flow Yoga class
Indoors - 4.50 Miles
Aerobic & Toning class - 45 Minutes (kicked my butt)
Sore and world's worst day... so impromptu rest day
Worked & Rest Day
Fast 5 Miler Outdoors + recovery 1/2 Mile

Total Miles: just shy of 13.. 
1 Yoga Class & 1 Aerobic/Toning Class

I felt guilty about skipping Friday's run but I truly was sore, and it was one of those days that every little thing was going wrong and frustration was just building up.  But maybe a run would have helped...  

On Sunday I set out to do 8 miles, and ended up with just 5.  I am normally pretty good at pacing myself in the beginning, keeping slow, but Sunday I was just all over the place.  Started off too strong and couldn't get into a groove.  When I reached mile 4 I knew I wouldn't be going any longer than 5 miles, and I had already been keeping up a decently fast pace, so I pushed myself and ended up with a personal best for 5 miles - 48:16.  My previous 5 mile time was 50:56, less than two months ago.  So I felt pretty good about the new PR regardless of the shorter run. 

Back to the normal working scene this week (Monday-Friday only, hopefully) and my goals for the week are 4 run days (one being a longer run), 1-2 yoga classes, and at least 1 cross training/toning class! I also am going to get back into weighing myself to keep me more accountable, more on that later.


Here's to forgetting about the unfortunate and any negativity, and moving forward with a clean slate.  In the wise words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a fresh start awaits us with the changing of the seasons.

Too deep?  Enjoy your week :) 

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