Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Weekly Rambles - My Wish List

As a running newbie it should be no surprise that I have a wish list a mile (pun!) long.  It mostly consists of running gear I would LOVE to have, as well as some other "healthy living" items.  You should know upfront I am one of those people that if I gave myself the chance I could totally justify, to myself, 97% of the items on this list.  But – so that I don’t seem like a crazed shopaholic – I have narrowed the list down to just include some of the top items I am currently lusting after.

1. Nike Pro Hyperwarm Engineered Half-Zip
Let's begin with Nike.  First, I should really be thankful that I don’t have a Nike store in my town otherwise I am sure I would pop in daily, just to “browse” of course.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand, the weather has already begun to get cold (really cold) here and I need to embrace this head on since it is my future for the next five plus months.  My running journey began at the beginning of the summer so my gear mostly consists of tanks and crops, thus this colder weather has sparked my shopping addiction interest in winter running attire.  Obviously, my first stop was to the Nike website.
Nike Pro Hyperwarm Engineered Half-Zip (Link)
Side note, does anyone find the Nike website the most frustrating? No? Just me then.. 

I was originally looking at the Nike Element Half Zip last week, but when I went back to write this post I could not find it anymore... But I am also severely tech challenged (as evidenced above).  However, with that gone I took another look through and am definitely eying this Nike Pro Hyperwarm Engineered Half Zip - and I think I could get some great use out of it! 

2. Teeki's "Cloud" Hot Pants
So, this one is definitely not as essential as the Nike half zip, but... I would love a pair of bright/patterned yoga pants!  I couldn’t get away with wearing them at work (all black policy) but I would totally wear them to yoga (duh) and other fitness classes!  Even running if they were comfortable enough but I kind of doubt they could beat out my current favorites for running (more on them later).  Anyway, yeah, I totally need them, right?!

I would absolutely love a pair from the brand Teeki (a few yoga shops in my town carry the brand - you can check their website for store locations near you and they seem amazing.  Not only are they made in the USA from recycled plastic bottles (!!!) but they are so frickin’ cool looking!

"Cloud" Hot Pants (Link)
I am pretty obsessed with their "Hot Pants" collection in general but the "Clouds" design is definitely my favorite.  Close second goes to the "Space Love" design, which can be found here.
Great list so far, right? The Nike half zip is somewhat justified (cold weather and all) but I know, although they are epically amazing, I really don't "need" a new pair of not-work-appropriate leggings [full disclaimer, I nearly went down and bought these last weekend - only reason I didn't was because of my extremely low energy level].

3. The Runner's World Cookbook

This next one should be no shocker to anyone.  Especially anyone following any active running blog!  The Runner's World Cookbook has been featured everywhere lately and the more reviews I read, and the more photos I see, the more I want it!   The cookbook offers guidance and recipes appropriate for numerous goals ranging from training for a marathon to wanting to lose a bit of weight.  150 recipes focused on proper nutrition - it basically justifies itself!

My true dream wishlist could continue on for quite a long time so maybe keeping it to these top three is the smart choice for now.  I would also love new shoes, sports bras, tops, etc. but these three items are definitely at the top of the list right now.  I guess the yoga pants are really not practical for my life currently but everyone needs to have fun and splurge once in awhile!  Realistically I could see myself purchasing the cookbook real soon, and if I do I will definitely be documenting my experiments in the kitchen!

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