Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Thoughts & Recap


Well here we are again, Happy Monday all.  How is everyone feeling?  Drained from the weekend?  Refreshed and rearing to take on this week?  I am somewhere in-between myself. I have a good few things to look forward to at the end of the week, but I also had an exciting weekend that has left me slightly sleep deprived and tired.  Sleeping in definitely would have been appreciated this morning.

I am also fighting off some achy ankles.  And I am not 100% sure what the root cause is.  It could be due to my old(ish) running shoes so my search for new ones is definitely going to start today.  I currently run in Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's and I have loved them.  I originally bought them when I was running only occasionally but used them at the gym and spin classes... but they have also been with me for the last four months when I have clocked in 200+ miles, so I am okay with retiring them for some new babies soon.  Besides new shoes, I am going to try and ice my ankles daily, take today off from running (yesterday was a hungover rest day), and just feel them out as the week goes on - not push myself for speed or distance.

Update: I think I am going to go for the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's or Wave Elixir 8's.  My local running store carries both so hopefully I can go there this week to try some on!

Anyway, let's get to the recap.

45 Minute Trampoline & Toning Class (Fantastic!)
Worked late (an extra 4 hours...) and had an evening event so couldn't go to yoga = impromptu Rest Day (I was really sore anyway)
Indoors - 5.20 Miles
Had planned to attend my Thursday night Aerobic & Toning class, but it was cancelled at the last moment - bummer!
Indoors - 4.40 Miles on Achy Ankles
A slow but beautiful 6.20 Miles outdoors + 5 minutes of stair sprints
Planned Rest Day!

Total: 16 Miles & 1 Aerobic/Toning Class

The Trampoline class was truly fantastic (as my post earlier this week highlighted) but I am worried it may be causing, or adding to, my achy ankles... So I have not quite decided if it something I will do again tonight.  If I decide my feet can not take the bounce I will go to a spin class instead, that is roughly around the same time, so not a big deal schedule wise, but I think Trampoline is a better toning class though.  Regardless, today will be a non-running exercise day.  

I was bummed about both Tuesday and Thursday last week though.  Tuesday I ended up having to stay at work an extra four hours, and then was way too tired to run and had an event to go to that night so was super pressed for time.  I feel like my explanation is an excuse but it really isn't! I had no time.  
And then Thursday was also such a disappointment.  The class is at 7pm, so it is a little late compared to my normal exercise routine (I try to get my run or workout in as early as possible) but I have started planning my day around knowing I have the workout in the evening.  Unfortunately it was not until about 6pm that the class was cancelled.  I suppose I could have forced myself to do a quick run then, or toning on my own, but it didn't happen.

Saturday was a great run.  It was a little hard at times, but I took it slow (10:44 average pace) and just enjoyed the sun and fall colours and falling leaves.  The course I chose is a little hilly - I call it bumpy: steep but short inclines and declines throughout it - but I enjoyed the few challenges that it has to offer (potentially another cause of my achy ankles though). When I knew I would not be breaking any PR on the run (so, like Mile 1) I let myself really just ENJOY the run and I even stopped and took a few photos along the way!

At the end of my weekend 6 miler!

Around mile 4, had to stop for a pic :)
So, all in all, I am happy with the week.   I wish I had been able to get in a bit more toning or yoga, but running wise I am content with 16 miles.  Especially with my hurting body at the moment.

Goals for the week to come:
3-4 Run days = 15-20 Miles
1-2 Cross training or aerobic toning classes
1-2 Yoga classes

I was avoiding writing this part... but, my diet was awful.  It started off pretty great at the beginning of the week actually, but by the end it was just ...bad.  Hopefully I can be more consistent this week.  I also have a few events on the weekend so that should be better motivation for me to stick to healthy foods all week, I hope.  Fingers crossed for a good and healthy week ahead of us! Positivity is the key to success - start Monday with a smile.

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